A Writers Escape to the French Riviera – Part 2

The Holiday Blues As I write this I am back in England, and ready to start work again tomorrow. It is a strange realisation. Almost as if I was never actually in France, but with the distinct memory of being there. It may be strange to start a travel blog from the end, but I … Continue reading A Writers Escape to the French Riviera – Part 2

A Writers Escape To The French Riviera – Part 1

The Beginning of the Escape Since falling in love with Colin Firth's storyline in Love Actually, where he escapes to the French countryside to write, I have always wanted to do something similar. I can't remember now if I actually watched that film immediately after it was released,  but for as long as I can … Continue reading A Writers Escape To The French Riviera – Part 1

A Whisper In |Westminster

Perhaps a little impromptu, my friend Silvia and I met, rather haphazardly (I got lost) outside of Oxford Circus station. We then decided to walk around without too much intention, and without a particular objective for the day, which I find are often some of the best kind of days. Soon we were being as … Continue reading A Whisper In |Westminster

A Whisper In | Brighton

There is a beautiful quote from the formidable and undeniably troubled Jack Kerouac which goes "Maybe that's what life is... a wink of the eye and winking stars". It really resonates with me and is something that makes me think of a particular moment whenever I find myself travelling to new locations, unfamiliar to me. … Continue reading A Whisper In | Brighton

A Whisper In | Snowy England

Unless you have been somewhere outside of the UK or just permanently asleep for the last week, you will have seen how the country has been on the verge of an Antarctic apocalypse. So it certainly seemed, anyway. News headlines and bulletins were furiously warning people not to travel, not to leave the house, not … Continue reading A Whisper In | Snowy England

A Whisper In | Shoreditch

London's essence, it's chaotic streets and it's size had terrified and intimidated me for many years. As a child born in the mid-90s, growing up during a time in England where anger, riots, gangs and even terror was increasing and the news seemed to be constantly of new horrific incidents, my sensitive mind latched onto … Continue reading A Whisper In | Shoreditch