5 Tips On How To Stay Motivated For Your Side-Hustle

The phrase goes as follows: “I have a 9-5 and a 5-9”. In reality, you have a 9-5 and a 24/7 side hustle. It’s not always the most glamorous of lives and usually leaves you with heavy bags under your eyes, but in the moments when it seems to be working out, it feels like…

Why I’m Self-Publishing Again | Writing Advice

For many of us, we begin our lives believing that the only way to succeed will be at the hands of someone else. We are almost conditioned to think that we do not have the ability, or the skills to hold our future in our own hands. I grew up admiring publishing houses, and large…

A Playlist Per Project | Writing Advice

Since practically the dawn of time, people have debated the best ways to write, and best environmental factors to include or exclude. Many people write with music, many people write without, some even write with just classical music without any vocals. Is there actually an answer to which is better?

Interviews and Autobiographies: An Education

If you want to be an actor, actress, dancer, writer, poet, filmmaker, whatever it may be, then understand that some of your best forms of talent development and education will come as interviews and biographies. Where better to hear the best tips, than from the horses mouth itself?

How To Work on Multiple Projects and Still Finish What You Started

It’s the old classic creatives issue. “I have loads of ideas, but not enough time to create them, and the ideas I do have I can never finish”. At some point in the process of becoming an accomplished creator, we go through these periods of never finishing anything, putting off everything and blaming every element we can until we finally come back to ourselves. 

Whispers To The World; 1 Day To Go.

As I write this, it is 14:50 on the 23rd August 2018. What that means is that in under 2 days, my first poetry and prose collection will be available to buy on Amazon! Last year, my life was a little confusing. I was writing poetry on my Instagram every day, as normal. Yet this…

Why Creative Perception is So Important for Mental Health.

Over the years we have noted how many creative people; artists, writers, musicians, struggle with mental health and also, in a sense, reap the benefits of it. In a fluctuating climate, mental health in creativity has either been regarded romantically, disregarded or occasionally actually taken seriously. In a 2007 essay from Stanford University, Adrienne Sussman…