Freya Ridings | Album Review

It must have been around about 2017 when I first heard Freya Ridings. I was working in JD Sports in Colchester and it was added to the playlist. Every now and again they'd chose a slower song to switch things up. The song at the time was Blackout. This memorable, piano-driven melody, ghostly in essence. … Continue reading Freya Ridings | Album Review

Meet Me Halfway at Least to Rituals; The Musical Evolution of Deaf Havana

I wrote before about how Deaf Havana in their last album All These Countless Nights seemed to be moving into a new direction tonally, experimenting with what they could, effectively, get away with. Just the other day, they released their new single 'Sinner' from their newest upcoming album. Sinner lets us sink our teeth into … Continue reading Meet Me Halfway at Least to Rituals; The Musical Evolution of Deaf Havana

Hushed: The Race Conversation

Like the topics of Feminism and of politics, the subject of Race is still hushed away in conversation. To speak about the existence of Racism, structurally and institutionally and to attempt to voice personal anger towards the state of racial perceptions and prejudices, is to launch oneself into a barrage of bullshit. People, especially those … Continue reading Hushed: The Race Conversation

A Love/Hate Relationship with Clubbing

Growing up in the temperamental and turbulent moods that plague the teenage body, deciding how I felt was relatively straightforward. Social? Nope. Happy? Undecided. Ready to go clubbing? Absolutely 100% definitely not. But then came the awkward age of 18 and even more complex, the entrance into University lifestyle. That social/unsocial, introvert/extrovert distinction was becoming … Continue reading A Love/Hate Relationship with Clubbing

Mike Shinoda: Honesty and Healing Through Art | ‘Post-Traumatic E.P.’

Creators have been saying for years that the reason they do what they do is to express pain, to share love and to immortalise moments and people they don't want to forget. The whole reason I began writing was as a need to heal, and to understand my own demons and issues. Writing, singing, playing … Continue reading Mike Shinoda: Honesty and Healing Through Art | ‘Post-Traumatic E.P.’

Avalon – Gabrielle Aplin | E.P Review

As I first mentioned in my postĀ From Sweet Songstress to Poetic Pop-Star; The Musical Evolution of GabrielleĀ Aplin, with each release, Gabrielle Aplin provides us with a new feeling of musical growth. Avalon continues this tradition, with an almost transformational atmosphere of freedom. Our first official introduction to Gabrielle's new release was the song Waking Up … Continue reading Avalon – Gabrielle Aplin | E.P Review