Untangling Roots – Hannah Murray| A Book Review

Robert Frost once said, “A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness” which is quite possibly one of my favourite quotes about poetry. Hannah Murray, a poet from the South of England, who posts poetry and photography on Instagram, and whose following is quickly growing, echoes Frost’s…

Why I’m Self-Publishing Again | Writing Advice

For many of us, we begin our lives believing that the only way to succeed will be at the hands of someone else. We are almost conditioned to think that we do not have the ability, or the skills to hold our future in our own hands. I grew up admiring publishing houses, and large…

How To Work on Multiple Projects and Still Finish What You Started

It’s the old classic creatives issue. “I have loads of ideas, but not enough time to create them, and the ideas I do have I can never finish”. At some point in the process of becoming an accomplished creator, we go through these periods of never finishing anything, putting off everything and blaming every element we can until we finally come back to ourselves. 

Whispers To The World; 1 Day To Go.

As I write this, it is 14:50 on the 23rd August 2018. What that means is that in under 2 days, my first poetry and prose collection will be available to buy on Amazon! Last year, my life was a little confusing. I was writing poetry on my Instagram every day, as normal. Yet this…


As of 6pm today, I put up a photo on my Instagram (@liamxavier95) that I would be self-publishing a book late this year. Truth is I have been planning this for a long time now, working out the logistics of this, chasing down research over whether I wanted it to be traditionally published or self published, and after much deliberation and trepidation, I have set my self organised deadlines and dates, and now we are starting!