Hearing The Underwater – Savannah Slone | Book Review

Recently, I had the chance to receive a copy of Savannah Slone’s debut poetry collection ‘Hearing The Underwater’ in exchange for a review. I have to be honest, at times I have a little trepidation, the poetry world is becoming so saturated that you have as much chance at finding something a bit rubbish, as…

Untangling Roots – Hannah Murray| A Book Review

Robert Frost once said, “A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness” which is quite possibly one of my favourite quotes about poetry. Hannah Murray, a poet from the South of England, who posts poetry and photography on Instagram, and whose following is quickly growing, echoes Frost’s…

Interviews and Autobiographies: An Education

If you want to be an actor, actress, dancer, writer, poet, filmmaker, whatever it may be, then understand that some of your best forms of talent development and education will come as interviews and biographies. Where better to hear the best tips, than from the horses mouth itself?

Why Creative Perception is So Important for Mental Health.

Over the years we have noted how many creative people; artists, writers, musicians, struggle with mental health and also, in a sense, reap the benefits of it. In a fluctuating climate, mental health in creativity has either been regarded romantically, disregarded or occasionally actually taken seriously. In a 2007 essay from Stanford University, Adrienne Sussman…


As of 6pm today, I put up a photo on my Instagram (@liamxavier95) that I would be self-publishing a book late this year. Truth is I have been planning this for a long time now, working out the logistics of this, chasing down research over whether I wanted it to be traditionally published or self published, and after much deliberation and trepidation, I have set my self organised deadlines and dates, and now we are starting!

A Whisper In | Brighton

There is a beautiful quote from the formidable and undeniably troubled Jack Kerouac which goes “Maybe that’s what life is… a wink of the eye and winking stars”. It really resonates with me and is something that makes me think of a particular moment whenever I find myself travelling to new locations, unfamiliar to me….

Head Stuck In A Book; A Timeline, A Lifeline.

Perhaps is a defining word, it is an all-encompassing, sinful, innocent word. Perhaps is, for me, at the heart of every good book, and at the heart of why my head has been, in one way or another, buried inside the pages of a book for the last 22 years or so. “Perhaps, when I grow older,…