A Love/Hate Relationship with Clubbing

Growing up in the temperamental and turbulent moods that plague the teenage body, deciding how I felt was relatively straightforward. Social? Nope. Happy? Undecided. Ready to go clubbing? Absolutely 100% definitely not. But then came the awkward age of 18 and even more complex, the entrance into University lifestyle. That social/unsocial, introvert/extrovert distinction was becoming … Continue reading A Love/Hate Relationship with Clubbing

Head Stuck In A Book; A Timeline, A Lifeline.

Perhaps is a defining word, it is an all-encompassing, sinful, innocent word. Perhaps is, for me, at the heart of every good book, and at the heart of why my head has been, in one way or another, buried inside the pages of a book for the last 22 years or so. "Perhaps, when I grow older, … Continue reading Head Stuck In A Book; A Timeline, A Lifeline.

Learning How to Get Up After The Fall Again

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that dark nights and tiredness, demotivation and loneliness are not infinite. We have been told it a thousand times, we read it in magazines, in inspirational quotes, and it sinks in for a brief moment before we forget it all over again. We wake up, struggle, find ourselves heavier … Continue reading Learning How to Get Up After The Fall Again

Saying Goodbye; Reflections on University

It is one thing to tell people I have graduated University, both from my Bachelors and my Master's degree, that in itself is a terrifying and incredible thing. However, when I sit and deconstruct the years, look over the photos, and understand just how much has happened over four years, that is an entirely different … Continue reading Saying Goodbye; Reflections on University

Dissertation Dizzy; Trying To Find Balance.

The stress that comes with a dissertation, at whatever level (BA, MA, PHD) is just about as dreadful as my attempt at the tumblr-esque photo that you are regretfully seeing as my featured image. Nevertheless, in both cases, we persevere. First of all I think it is important to inform you all that my day today … Continue reading Dissertation Dizzy; Trying To Find Balance.

How To Stay Organised and Create A System.

In my last post How To Be Productive When You Feel Broken, I spoke about how to deal with being productive after the effects of a breakdown and panic attack. In this post I'm going to be going over some of my tips and own ways of staying organised and productive before a breakdown has time to occur. Staying … Continue reading How To Stay Organised and Create A System.