These Features Of Mine…

Yesterday my good friend and flatmate Max Moore  ( took some new acting head-shots for me. Along with my current change of perspective on many-a-thing brought on seemingly by my entrance into my 20's last year, it got me thinking further about why it is I speak so frequently of my mixed race, and of my … Continue reading These Features Of Mine…

‘DESTINED’ | New Poem + Explanation

There is a reason we are here, although it all seems arbitrary some days, we all have a purpose, we all have a dream, and we are all capable of reaching it. Like a filmic epiphany I have finally reached a point where I am, without a doubt, certain that the only career I can … Continue reading ‘DESTINED’ | New Poem + Explanation

It’s Midnight and My Mind Is Awake

Okay, granted it's not midnight yet as I'm writing this, it's actually currently 7 minutes to BUT the sentiment is the same. Many nights I find myself awake staring at my laptop screen and killing time, too awake to sleep and too tired to do anything huge. That midnight madness where my mind decides it's … Continue reading It’s Midnight and My Mind Is Awake

The Power of Acting and Returning To School

Four years ago I performed one of the most important performances of my life. Why was it so important? Because it was my Year 12 final performance, but more than that it was the first performance of my acting and social progression of its kind. It was intense, it was challenging and completely out of … Continue reading The Power of Acting and Returning To School